The best thing about the oneQ system is the almost unlimited number of possibilities it has. You can combine different cooking styles, put together any size and shape of outdoor kitchen and add any accessory that makes your cooking life easier!


Outdoor cooking is more popular than ever. Besides traditional grills and smokers we see more people building or buying complete outdoor kitchens.

The oneQ system not only enables you to create a tailor made outdoor kitchen by using the oneQ Legs. The standard sized modules are also ideally suited to build them into a kitchen counter or garden table. You simply create a standard sized opening (according to our build in manual) and then you can place any oneQ function in that opening: a gas grill, a charcoal grill, a wine cooler, a sink with a faucet, a cutting board or even a small kamado grill. 

And the unique to oneQ is that the modules are interchangeable, so if you for example have the concrete table with three openings, you can use it with three wine coolers one day when you are just having drinks and put in three grills the other day when you have a lot of friends over for a barbecue party. And if you need a large flat table again, just put some cutting boards into the openings.


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Gabriella Hennicke
4 years ago

it is possible to place one Teppan Yaki