A gas grill with power

If we ever get questions or comments about the oneQ Flame, we mostly hear “You need a charcoal-fired barbecue to properly sear a steak and a 40x40 grill surface is too small”. Well, read what we have to say about that and you might reconsider.

oneQ has the most powerful burner a gas grill can have, ensuring you can easily sear a steak and cook it to perfection! It even gets hot enough to make pizza. Want to know how we did that?
Most gas grills have so called ‘cold-spots’ at the front and back end of the grill. That has to do with the space the venturi takes in the burner tube. The venturi makes sure the correct gas/oxygen ratio gets into the burner tube. Most BBQ brands have the venturi on the outside of the burner tube, causing lost grill space. oneQ designed a patented burner tube with the venturi inside, ensuring a full useable grill surface with no cold-spots.
Another unique feature of the oneQ burner is that it has no carbon monoxide (CO) emission, meaning that literally all the gas is converted into heat without residual gases.
A barbecue needs both gas and oxygen to burn. The more accurate the ratio between these two has been calculated, the better the barbecue burns. The patented oneQ burner has the exact right combination of all relevant factors (like holes in the frame, the size of the frame, the space between the holes in the flame pattern, the number and size of holes in the burner tube, the size of injector, the size of air inlet and the size of burner tube) to get the most effective and efficient flame possible.
This results in a complete combustion. And the more complete the combustion, the more effective, safe and hot the grill gets (all gas is converted into heat and nothing else).
A lot of technical stuff you can forget immediately again if you want, because the result is more important: the most effective and powerful gas grill you can find, ensuring a lot of cooking fun!

And finally:

  • should you still think it is too small: add an extra oneQ module to your set. That is how we designed it.
  • should you still prefer to cook on charcoal: add a oneQ Glow to your set.

Contact us if you require any further information.

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