Dutch Design Outdoor Kitchens and Barbecues

Design your own barbecue and create a complete outdoor kitchen with oneQ's modular system. Choose from a gas grill, charcoal grill, teppanyaki plate, or a combination of these options.


All of our modules can be installed into a kitchen countertop, outdoor kitchen, or dining table, or easily placed on our connectable frames: the oneQ Legs. Our Dutch-designed modules provide endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to create the perfect outdoor cooking experience.


Built-In Sets for your Outdoor Kitchen



Simple, minimalistic and flexible


With oneQ's modular system, you can easily customize your outdoor cooking experience.


Simply create a standard opening of 41x41cm and then choose from any of our interchangeable modules, including a FLAME gas grill, GLOW charcoal grill, WOK burner, ICE wine cooler, WET sink with faucet, BAMBOO cutting board, or small kamado grill.


Our modular functions are easily interchangeable, allowing you to switch from a wine cooler one day to a barbecue the next, all within the same opening.


Enjoy the flexibility and versatility of oneQ's minimalist design, perfect for creating a personalized outdoor kitchen experience.

Modulair and Stand-Alone



Modular, sleek and for every room


All oneQ modules can be placed in our linkable frames: the oneQ Legs (44x44cm). These can be easily clicked together and disconnected again. You can therefore change or expand the barbecue setup at any time.


You start with a simple barbecue set and expand it to a full-fledged outdoor kitchen with the cooking options and accessories of your choice.

Besides being a producer and distributor of our own oneQ products, oneQ is also the exclusive importer for the Benelux of the brands listed below. If you have any questions about this (or are interested in becoming a dealer), please click on the logo to go to the website or contact us at