Welcome to oneQ!


oneQ was founded in 2007 from a personal passion for cooking and the ambition to add something new to the existing market for outdoor cooking and eating. After initially mainly successful with the patented system of coupler bases - the so-called Legs - the built-in market has been added in recent years.


All oneQ modules have the same dimensions and therefore fit in the same opening, making oneQ a very suitable system for assembling outdoor kitchens and dining tables. You can easily put together a complete outdoor kitchen with the oneQ modules or add a teppanyaki plate, gas barbecue or sink with tap from oneQ to your outdoor kitchen pizza oven or kamado.


Watch some short videos about oneQ below and feel free to contact us at info@one-q.com if you have any questions or suggestions.


I wish you lots of outdoor cooking fun!


Erik van de Langemheen
Owner oneQ B.V.


The best built-in BBQ there is!

oneQ is by far the easiest and most flexible built in barbecue that is on the market. All modules have the same size, so you can use the same opening in your kitchen counter or garden table for several purposes.

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A gas grill with power

If we ever get questions or comments about the oneQ Flame, we mostly hear “You need a charcoal-fired barbecue to properly sear a steak and a 40x40 grill surface is too small”. Well, read what we have to say about that and you might reconsider.

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Dutch Design

In 2007, Dutch designer Jan Willem Marijnissen, wondered why the host of a grill party always had to turn his back on his guests while preparing their food. He figured it would be much more social to have a grill where friends and family could gather around. 

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The best thing about the oneQ system is the almost unlimited number of possibilities it has. You can combine different cooking styles, put together any size and shape of outdoor kitchen and add any accessory that makes your cooking life easier!

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